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I know how hard it is to stay grounded in a chaotic world. For over six years, I’ve written about my search for beautiful things in a world that aches and groans. Hundreds of readers have trusted this blog to whisper into their hurts, search for the good, and find simple things to delight in when things aren’t going as perfectly as they could.

We live in the challenging dichotomy of good and bad. Of catastrophe and regrowth. Of pain and beauty.

Babies are born, flowers bloom, and magic exists in a bowl of pasta. People die, jobs are lost, families are estranged.

In my writing, I honor the mystery that God allows both the dark and the light to exist.

Writers all over the world struggle to get pay for their work. I want my words to be available to those who need them, and at the same time, very much appreciate your financial support to bring encouragement, optimism, and space for hurting to life.

If you believe in the pursuit of beautiful things, have ever come back from a set back in life, or hold firmly to the belief that we can all be kind to one another, you can invest in this on-going project. Your support will help me turn this blog into a book! Or fuel another post with liquid gold, vanilla latte nectar of the gods. Or Both.

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Forever grateful for you and your willingness to join in the search.