It’s ok… the goat will wear a diaper.

Here we are at week 2 – or week 5. Maybe I’d be better off not counting, and just saying “Hooray, it is time to blog today.” I successfully woke up and completed seven more days. And I have to say, keeping my eyes open for something that makes me laugh, or appreciate life a little bit more was enjoyable, fun even. It gave me something to look forward to. And this morning when I woke up Dylan said to me, well 51 posts to go. True, but I don’t want to take that approach – I don’t want it to be a countdown, because countdowns go towards zero. I’d rather this be an expansive space of exploration and joy than something to check off my list. One month until the Oscars with Ellen DeGeneres… now I will count down to that.

And I found myself thinking, perhaps I need a definition. How can I write on beautiful things if I haven’t defined what beauty is for myself. After a conversation with a friend who I will leave anonymous, however, I got scared to create a definition because his response was “if you are going to define beauty, make it short. No one wants to read a long, drawn out description of something so subjective. Boooring.” Well ouch. I hope I’m not boring you.  Here is the definition I will stick with – and perhaps expand upon as the year goes by. Beautiful – an adjective – “pleasing to the senses or the mind aesthetically” or “having qualities that delight the senses”. Ok, so it is short. But doesn’t it encompass so much potential? That’s where the grandness lies.

Some of you may know that I work at a non-profit and assist in running the Volunteer Program there. This week, I had an unusual call from an enthusiastic community member who wanted to bring in their baby goat to work with our kids. “Don’t worry she said, it can wear a diaper.” While this may not be the best fit for our program, I was amused and inspired by someone who had found a passion and committed to it. Let’s be honest, not all of us are called to work with goats. Or want to share that passion with at-risk youth, and be so passionate that they are willing to diaper their animal for the sake of community involvement. It tickled my heart that she would ask, and that she found something that gave her such joy. I hope we can invite the goat back in the spring.

This week has also been really cold and snowy. I am a Colorado girl, yes, and should be used to winter. But let me let you in on a little secret. Colorado winters are not typically that bad. We may have a few days of snow, and enough reason for 4-wheel drive, but the sun comes out and melts it all away within a few days. Well it has been a few days, and its still snowing, and I’m still cold. But the view from my desk at my office has really been something to take a second look at. Just this morning my boss opened up the blinds while I was complaining about the temperature, and she said, “yes, but aren’t the trees pretty?” You win, boss, and thank you for reminding me to appreciate the view. The frame on the left is from my desk, the right is the view from my future in-laws entry way. There is something really pretty about frozen snow on branches while the sun is setting too. And check out that Colorado blue sky.


The Broncos had an embarrassing loss, I got to go sledding, and tried two new things as well. I highly recommend The Post Brewing Company in Lafayette, and a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts in Denver can be worth your wait.  I think we waited in line over an hour, but the Dirty Bastard doughnut was a team favorite. I don’t like the logo – it freaks me out.


Who would have thought that doughnuts could be the thing that connects us – all types of people were waiting in that line. Dylan got a hug from a homeless man, and I was encouraged to try specific types of treats from another 20 something who was certainly stoned with a cigar in his hat and bright orange pants. Human expression is something that’s pretty fun to think about. If that gentleman had written this, what would his description of me been?

I think I’m going to like this little adventure.


  1. VooDoo came to Denver?! Now I get those pictures I’ve seen… I hear about their Portland shop all the time. Their donuts look so crazy.

    Glad you’re seeking beauty. Me, too. Training my eyes has been a wonderful journey. xoxo

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