“Surviving in Your Twenties”

I am starting to love the “Blog-o-sphere”. That’s a thing right? People refer to this internet space like that right? It is bringing me friends and connections all over the world, and I really enjoy that. One of the neatest joys is getting to share life with people who are in similar stages to me.

That is why I jumped up and down with joy, quite literally, when Chelsea asked me to participate in her “Surviving in your Twenties” interview series. She chose to interview me and I’m highlighted this week.

You can reference the interview here:  (you have to click the link)

twenty series Interviews

I strongly recommend checking out her blog, and her insights into this interesting time of life. Too, by reading the interview you learn my favorite ice cream, and some other fun facts too.

Solidarity sister! And really, thank you for the privilege.


  1. Well done! And thanks for the mom mentions. Such a joy to see how you process your experience and how that encourages others. You are a beautiful thing dear.


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