Resist the Urge to Fast Forward

“Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.” – Frank Clark

Raise your hand if you’ve been known to want to jump ahead? Can you identify with the main character in that movie “Click” with Adam Sandler where he fast forwards away his life to the next big promotion, to the moments in which he “has made it” and ends up missing out on countless good moments that life brought his way. I catch myself, recently, wanting to see exactly what big thing I’m going to accomplish in this life. I beat myself up, analyzing to a point of anxiety the ways in which I can put myself on the path to accomplishment of big, big things. Then I stop and take a grounding, yoga breath, and ask the question, “what the heck can I control today?” What can I control in these moment by moment choices when today is all that matters. It can be challenging to trust that the trajectory of this life will give me some great things I can accomplish, especially in this culture that demands us to compare our own success to our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends on a daily basis. Performance goals, accountability, quotas, new years resolutions – the ways in which we measure up make me feel a little bit overwhelmed.  What ways are you challenging yourself to measure up? And what exactly, sets those standards?  Oh? You don’t do that? I certainly do.

I’m seeking solace in that my original definition for BIG ACCOMPLISHMENTS can turn out to look entirely different than I first intended. I imagine my definition will continue to change as I get older. That stagnant definitions of accomplishment are what kill me. That’s why I like this quote above. It may be cliché to say that life is about the little things, but I return to this truth on a regular basis. It helps me to erase the notion that you have to arrive at life, because once I’ve accomplished something how quick I am to ask myself, “already then, what’s next?” Fast forward, Fast Forward, Fast Forward. Days go slowly, perhaps, but the weeks fly off of the calendar.

Here are some beautiful little things for the week. Not profound, not immensely significant on the road to accomplishment, but very helpful in recognizing successes that come in all shapes, sizes, and feel good notions.


April 14, 2015 – Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry’s – holla! I got to take a break from work and go to get a free ice cream cone. Simple delights. The benefits of being within walking distance to an ice cream shop. A chance to soak up some Vitamin D. Sorry, by the time this gets posted, it will be over. I hope you made it to your regional ice cream shop.

I made a grocery list – I did not, however, make it to the grocery store. Making a list is an accomplishment in and of itself. I have the resources and skills to buy healthy food. My family taught me how to prepare it. I have the privilege of sitting down with my husband to eat. Not everyone has these skills or the ability to make grocery shopping a reality. I have a plan made for next week, so I can check that item off my to-do list while scrounging in the cupboards to pull a dinner together. What is that app that tells you what to cook based on the ingredients in your cupboard? I need that. List done. Simple, but an accomplishment none the less.

Free time to explore a museum. We had the great opportunity for a museum date day. We learned new things in a cultural institution that delights the senses and explains the world we live in. How we, as humans, for centuries have tried to make sense of the world we are living in. Maybe, perhaps, inquiry is at the heart of humanity. I love exploring museums, and poking around in different areas that entice me to think about my own place in this huge arena of worldly experiences.

Spring. The screen door has been opened and a breeze rustles into our kitchen. At night the light extends past 8:00 pm inviting hope and enjoyment into the evening hours after work. Flowers are blooming and grass is getting trimmed, and my face is towards the sun. I enjoyed three hours in the park with dear friends on Sunday afternoon and got a huge popsicle from the ice cream truck. Not earth shattering accomplishment, but rather soul soothing experiences that refill a soulful cup that needs replenishing. That, too, is a choice. Are we seeking light? Are we seeking friendship? Are we seeking space to be, rather than to accomplish. I’d rather be, than be a something, any day. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Essie: Bump Up the Pumps – repeat

Biscotti – None

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  1. I’m more and more convinced that it’s the seeming simplicities in day to day living that make up life. The boring, regular, relational, sunshine filled moments. With free ice cream.

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