I Won A Taco Hat!

Kleenex. Tylenol Cold Extra Strength. Couch. Kleenex.

That was my Saturday this week. It has been so long since I’ve gotten sick to the point of couch potato. I think, sometimes, the universe grants us a sick day so we can completely rest. It’s not nice to have your sinuses feel like they are going to explode. Sleeping it out, on the other hand, is really nice. And popsicles – the cherry variety. Those are beautiful things.

My mom was out of town this weekend, which was probably a great lesson in adulthood. I know, I know. I should be a big girl, and find a way to take care of myself, but I really wanted to call my mom. I didn’t. I took the Tylenol my husband brought me, and bought myself some popsicles, and watched “Into the Woods” and did not move all day. Rest, even when forced, is beautiful.

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow (or maybe it is today as you read this) and to celebrate, Dylan and I hosted a “Cinco de Drinko Party and Guacamole Competition.” I’m starting to realize that I really love playing hostess. It is so fun to have friends over, and I enjoy putting food on small plates, and making signs for appetizers and drink options. Maybe that is a love language – little foods and signs to tell people what is what. I still get nervous that people won’t show up to my parties – think birthday party anxiety – but even the smallest gatherings bring me great joy. It’s neat to watch different parts of your life collide in your backyard. I’ve been told for a long time that I make a stellar guacamole (Thank you Aunt Karen for the excellent instruction so many years ago). Have you noticed, though, how loyal people are to their own recipe of smashed avocado mixed with a few choice items?

So, we put it to the test, or rather, the vote, and challenged my friends to bring their best guacamole to be voted upon. Technically, the competition resulted in a tie. However, you had to be present to win and so I won! Ha. Is it bad to win your own competition? Guess what the prize was? A TACO HAT! Thank you to the friend who contributed such a lovely prize. I will take care of it forever, and wear on every Cinco de Mayo from now until forever. To view the hat, you have to check out my  Instagram.

Here is my APPROXIMATE Guacamole recipe. I really just eyeball amounts of ingredients and make Dylan my taste tester.

3 avocados

Lemon Juice

Mayo (the secret ingredient folks)

Garlic Salt

Onion Powder

Two Scoops of Salsa

Chopped Tomato

Dash of Cholula Hot Sauce

Sometimes, maybe, a few bits of chopped onion

Mash it all up and eat with chips, or tacos, or really anything worth dipping.

Guacamole is deliciously beautiful. Being silly and wearing a taco hat is beautiful. Rest, and relaxation, and listening to your body saying slow the heck down is beautiful.

PS. Oh my goodness. Chipotle just released their guac recipe. Now we have to have another competition. Mine vs. the Chipotle version. They can’t take my taco hat.

Biscotti: None – but I did make chocolate chip cookies where I used Almond M & Ms instead of chocolate chips. They tasted delicious, but looked ridiculous. I don’t recommend this method

Essie: None – I got a pedicure instead. Way better

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