A Hope for My Middle-Aged Self


“Spring Break!,” they squeal, in their sorority sister sounding voices. Can you hear the excitement reverberate over the sound waves as thousands of college kids head out to the beach? Spring break is upon us as schools all over the nation take a hiatus for a week in March.

No, I am no longer in college, and technically I no longer ‘qualify’ for Spring Break. However, this past weekend I had the pleasure of venturing out to the beach for a girls weekend with some of my best friends from college. Do you ever read those books about the middle-aged women who have been friends for decades and go on vacation together once a year? The characters always talk about their relationships, careers, and children over pina coladas and brush the sand from their sun-burned skin before going out for a night on the town.

This trip set the foundation for that plot to unfold in my own life. Basically, I want to be that middle-aged woman some day! It takes years to create tradition, and while none of us have children, we  can certainly get started discussing our  relationships, careers, and family in a tropical location.

This weekend, I was blessed with the reminder that true friendship means being beautifully vulnerable with people you trust. There is nothing quite like being honest and open, laughing, and admitting our struggles while sitting on the sand, staring hopefully out at the ocean. I was thrilled to have three days to reconnect, and to trust that these friendships will continue as all of us grow and change.


bbqToo, Texas BBQ is a beautiful thing. We don’t have anything that comes as close to the delicious, salty, savory meat that they smoke down South. I have such a respect for Texans. (Shhh, as a Colorado native, I likely shouldn’t admit to such a thing on the internet). One has to admire the amount of pride these people carry in their own hearts for their state. I may not understand all of Texas culture, but I can say, in a very Avatar way,  “I see you.” You have pride for where you come from, what you offer the country, and how you contribute. But please, stay off of our mountains if you plan on skiing in Carhartts.

As a girl who grew up in a landlocked state, I have an awe and appreciation for the ocean. I saw dried-up, little, blue jelly fish all along the shore and squealed with delight. Pelicans and seagulls made me laugh from a distance. Stepping outside of your geographic norm can bring a greater appreciation for the unique beauty that exists all across the nation.

And so we continue, back in our own towns and settle back into our routines of our lives. Snapchat and Instagram continue to keep us connected. I hope, my dear friends, that if you check back with us in sixteen years when middle-age will have approached us we may still be sharing a drink on Spring Break.

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