Every. Single. Day.


Do you believe it? In a silver lining? In the truth that beauty, goodness, and joy can be found in the every day?

I am resting in this truth as the building blocks of our lives continue to rearrange themselves. I am saying to myself, “There is good to be found in every single day of my life.”

Every. Single. Day.

Here is my experience with the search for the beautiful this week.

  1. We had dinner with friends and used a great new kitchen accessory. Have you heardIMG_3777 of a raclette grill? Much like a fondue experience, except when using this one you put meat and vegetables on top of a grill surface and watch your food cook. Slow food, conversation, shared laughter and wine. Good. Lots of good.
  2. Lilac bushes are blooming all over our neighborhood. I took some scissors and snipped a few, bringing the bountiful blossoms into our house. Tie some ribbon around a stemless wine glass and you have a beautiful arrangement of fragrant flowers for free. I love lilacs.
  3. Even though Saturday was full of rain and thunderstorms, we drove down to Aurora to spend time at a friends house for a BBQ. You never know what you are going to get with Spring in Colorado. I enjoyed laughing and telling stories as we all sat inside on the living room floor, paper plates with burgers and chips resting on our laps, as the sleet and rain came down outside. Another example that life doesn’t have to be perfect to enjoy what you’ve been presented.
  4. Olive. This little dog continues to warm my heart and to give me plenty of snuggles as we teach her not to chew on shoes and how to ask to go outside on her own. It is increasingly obvious that I am not yet ready for a full blown child, but it is nice to have a living creature to take care of. Beauty in puppy breath, in puppy toes, in puppy chews.
  5. Pulling a recipe together out of the random ingredients in your fridge. This one felt like a challenge, much like that t.v. show Chopped. So on Friday night when I was able to prepare linguine with crab and white wine sauce…boom! I was pretty proud of myself.

Keep looking friends. There is beauty to be found. Every. Single. Day.

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