Giving Light – Katy C.


Hi, I’m Katy. I love the movie You’ve Got Mail, and seriously loathe Ikea. I’m an Arkansan by birth, but a Colorado transplant by way of a raft guiding job. I like mornings because just think of all the accomplishments that happen in the morning. Made the coffee, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, made my bed (!!!), washed dishes, and on and on and on.

I’m desperate to make space for peace and calm in my life these days, so when I think about beautiful, it’s all things calm and simple that I see:

1. A bed that’s made


I’ve never been good about making my bed. It just never really crossed my mind to do such a thing. This past year I lived in Spain with three exceptionally tidy Spaniards, and it was then that I had a window into what it’s like to live in a home that doesn’t look like a tornado just blew through it. One Spanish morning I woke up, and so very out of character, I made my bed. And what a world of difference that simple act made on my day. Since then I’ve never looked back, and tending to my bed is the first thing I do in the morning. Paying homage to the ritual, and feeling a sense of accomplishment so early in the morning. It’s my daily peace victory.

2. Organization


Just like learning to make my bed, another recent, out-of-character habit I’ve developed is organization. Google calendars has changed my life, and I cannot stop talking about it to anyone who has ears. If something is not on my Google calendar, it does not get done. Another organization tool I’ve found is this Happiness Planner that one of my friends gave me for my birthday. It’s a weekly planner/journal that incorporates goal setting around finding ways to bring more happiness into life. Go buy one today. I do not see how you could regret it.

3. Walk Around the Park


I live across the street from a small park. On days when I don’t feel like running or doing much at all, I decide that a short, slow walk around my park is surely in the cards. Slip on the flip flops, keep my head up to look at the trees.

4. Bon Iver’s New Album – 22, A Million


This is peace and calm. Listen to “8(circle)” and feel the calm.

5. Core Power Yoga


I’ve always wanted to be a yogi, but slowing down and deep breathing does not come easy to me. Give me a few minutes into any class, and I’m flying a silent rage. (Hello, red flag, this girl needs to yoga). This week I discovered Core Power Yoga, and I started their free, trial week. I feel like I’ve found my place there, because it’s yoga meets strength and cardio. Like a sneakily disguised yoga class. Not to mention the feel good that happens because of heated rooms that make you drip sweat even on a snowy day. What is it about sweating that feels so good?

If you are interested in giving your own light, click here to learn more about how you can enter the Give Light Giveaway.

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