Priming the pump

I’m doing a bit of behind the scenes work these days. Some is fun, other tasks feel maddening.

I’m on tech support chat lines and creating brainstorming diagrams, meeting with creativity consultants and charging my credit card as I invest in me and a small dream of a little business.

And I have an important question.

If I sent out e-blasts with updates about neat events, fun products, where I’m teaching and speaking, would you want to be on the list?


I’m sure you get hundreds of emails a day.  Could I add one more (besides this one) to your list?

I’ll have more updates rolling out in the next few weeks – gauging interest for now. If you want to be on the e-updates list to never miss a musing of mine, please send me an email with your name and best contact email to 52beautifulthings at gmail dot com.

Thanks for your input – I’m heading back into the land of DNS and domain mapping now.



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