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Giving Light – Jenny S.


Hiya, I’m Jenny! I love pancakes, photography, sarcasm, lists, and people. Usually I make my home in Colorado, but this past year went on a grand adventure in Scotland to study, eat shortbread, and chase down a bunch of sheep. If you need another blog to get hooked on feel free to check out mine,, and follow me on Instagram.

1. Travel


The fact that I can get on an airplane and be in an entirely different country in the same day blows my mind. To me, travel is a reminder that there’s a great big world outside my little bubble and boy is it beautiful.

 2. Celebrating Failure 


I don’t know a lot of people who enjoy failure. I for one would much rather succeed, but I’ve been learning that there is beauty in celebrating things that don’t go my way. I’ve been loving this lyric from The Oh Hellos “… and the sun, it does not cause us to grow, it is the rain that will strengthen your soul, and it will make you whole.” So, I’m figuring out how to celebrate seasons of rain because I know they will lead to growth in the long run. (Also yes, my celebrations often involve ice cream or and churros…)

3. Sunsets 


I tried to go with something a little less cliché, but I just kept coming back to this. This past year I moved over four thousand miles from home and became a sunset junky. In the midst of unknowns, the consistency (and beauty) of the sunset made me feel comfortable. It reminds me that whatever happens today, the sun will set and rise afresh, bringing with it new opportunities.

4. Winter 


I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland this past year. In the winter it gets light at 9am and dark at 3pm and in the summer it gets light at 4am and dark at 11pm. When I first moved there I, being a Colorado girl through and through, was worried about the lack of sunshine that comes with the winter. That is until one of my professors said something that changed my mindset. “These seasons are just like one big breath in and out. Summer is full of hustle and bustle, whereas winter is a time to recharge (and drink a lot of hot chocolate).” From then on, I have never appreciated winter more. Which conveniently plays into my final reflection of beauty…

 5. Time 


I love schedules and to do lists and I don’t love excessive blank spaces in my planner. However, I’m learning that having the time to process, recharge, and dream big is a beautiful gift that in the past I’ve been too busy to experience.


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There’s Still Time

Well that went fast. December 15th came much quicker than I thought!

I just wanted to send a brief announcement that I am still accepting entries for the Give Light Giveaway, and thank all of you who have already chosen to share the beauty in your lives!

If you submit your list of 5 Beautiful Things by midnight tonight, you will still be entered to win the basket of Colorado goodies, and your posts will go up in the next few days.

Spread the word, share the light.

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Giving Light – Joyce D.


Bio: Hi, I’m Joyce. I love to travel and I’m learning that I love to write. In 2012, my husband Daryle and I started to really assess our dream of “traveling more” and what that meant. The result was an all-in life-changing 14-month journey to 23 countries and 23 US states. Life will never be the same.

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1. A smile


From someone I love because it means they are happy and of course that makes me happy, on a strangers face because it immediately sparks a smile in return and resultant grounding in the present, or in an uncomfortable situation where it say’s “you are not alone”.

2. Sunrise 


The idea that a new day full of possibility is dawning, unlike any other day, before, after, ever. And that I am catching it at its very beginning.

3. Coming Home

The feeling of coming back to somewhere I feel absolutely comfortable and “at home” whether it’s my apartment after a day at work or my country after a year abroad. Being on the road made me really value this idea of home and comfort and having a place to recharge to go out “into the world” again.

4. Wildlife


Knowing that these exotic, untamed creatures are still out there in the wild inspires me to dream and reminds me that all of the world is not so tame as what I see on a daily basis. It also reminds me of the importance of freedom and my favorite Tom Robbins quote which has resonated with my soul since it first jumped off the page – “Somewhere in the archives of crudest instinct is recorded the truth that it is better to be endangered and free than captive and comfortable.”

5. Small Comforts


My husband sleeping next to me, my cat crawling into my lap in the morning, a particularly comfy shirt or the perfect cup of warm delicious coffee on a cold day. All these things need to be savored and appreciated, no matter how busy I get because they ARE life. These things keep me grounded in what is real and what is important. Touching and feeling my life, not getting swept along and missing it.

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Giving Light – Alice M.


Hi!  My name is Alice. When we were a family of 2, 5 years ago, we moved to Colorado so my husband could attend school at CSU. And I was lucky enough to meet Katie!  While in Colorado we grew to a family of 3, and have since moved to Rhode Island and become a family of 4!

Here are 5 things that bring light to my life…

1. My Family!


My family is my heart and my soul; my guts my breath, my everything. There really are just no words…

2. The Time We Spent in Colorado 


I had previously only lived in Virginia and living in Fort Collins opened my life up to how wonderful it can be to explore and live in a new place. Our time there was beautiful and forever changed me.

3. Down time!  Who knew!? 

Few things rejuvenate me more than just having down time…either sitting on my couch in my cozy clothes watching something or relaxing with a book in a coffee shop.  It doesn’t happen much, but when it does, it’s a beautiful thing!

4. Making new friends, and my beautiful friends I have known forever and met along the way. 


I’ve been very lucky to have great friends;  I am beyond fortunate for the friends we have made as the result of our moves who I know are now life long friends.  Also for the wonderful people who love my children.

5. Christmas Lights!


Okay, maybe I’m being influenced by the time of year, but nonetheless, Christmas lights make me silly happy!  And so far no where we have lived does Christmas lights like Richmond VA!


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Giving Light – Katy C.


Hi, I’m Katy. I love the movie You’ve Got Mail, and seriously loathe Ikea. I’m an Arkansan by birth, but a Colorado transplant by way of a raft guiding job. I like mornings because just think of all the accomplishments that happen in the morning. Made the coffee, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, made my bed (!!!), washed dishes, and on and on and on.

I’m desperate to make space for peace and calm in my life these days, so when I think about beautiful, it’s all things calm and simple that I see:

1. A bed that’s made


I’ve never been good about making my bed. It just never really crossed my mind to do such a thing. This past year I lived in Spain with three exceptionally tidy Spaniards, and it was then that I had a window into what it’s like to live in a home that doesn’t look like a tornado just blew through it. One Spanish morning I woke up, and so very out of character, I made my bed. And what a world of difference that simple act made on my day. Since then I’ve never looked back, and tending to my bed is the first thing I do in the morning. Paying homage to the ritual, and feeling a sense of accomplishment so early in the morning. It’s my daily peace victory.

2. Organization


Just like learning to make my bed, another recent, out-of-character habit I’ve developed is organization. Google calendars has changed my life, and I cannot stop talking about it to anyone who has ears. If something is not on my Google calendar, it does not get done. Another organization tool I’ve found is this Happiness Planner that one of my friends gave me for my birthday. It’s a weekly planner/journal that incorporates goal setting around finding ways to bring more happiness into life. Go buy one today. I do not see how you could regret it.

3. Walk Around the Park


I live across the street from a small park. On days when I don’t feel like running or doing much at all, I decide that a short, slow walk around my park is surely in the cards. Slip on the flip flops, keep my head up to look at the trees.

4. Bon Iver’s New Album – 22, A Million


This is peace and calm. Listen to “8(circle)” and feel the calm.

5. Core Power Yoga


I’ve always wanted to be a yogi, but slowing down and deep breathing does not come easy to me. Give me a few minutes into any class, and I’m flying a silent rage. (Hello, red flag, this girl needs to yoga). This week I discovered Core Power Yoga, and I started their free, trial week. I feel like I’ve found my place there, because it’s yoga meets strength and cardio. Like a sneakily disguised yoga class. Not to mention the feel good that happens because of heated rooms that make you drip sweat even on a snowy day. What is it about sweating that feels so good?

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Giving Light – Dylan. H

*Disclaimer – Dylan is my husband. He more than willingly contributed, and I am thrilled, but I told him he can’t win the box of goodies. No nepotism here. *


Hello everyone I’m Dylan Huey and yes you guessed it the husband to the amazing woman that created this blog. I’m a graphic designer from Boulder, CO with a love for the outdoors, my wife, our dog, things that go fast and good music of any sort – minus country Ew!

You can find me on Instagram @drummerhuey.

Here are my five – cough cough- seven things.

1. My beautiful wife Katie


You all already know so much of her beauty and love for this world. I am the luckiest guy that I get to be her husband. She brightens my day everyday. I love spending time with her no matter what we are doing. We have been together for around 10 years now and being with her never gets old. I enjoy hearing her views, beliefs, and stories everyday.  I can’t imagine my life without her and I hope we get to spend so many more years together on all sorts of adventures.

2. My dog Olive

FullSizeRender (3)

This little creature is the newest addition to the house and she is great. She is a constant ball of energy and joy. I love the way she is always happy and has a smile on her face. She is always ready to play ball or wrestle and go hiking with us.

3. Projects with Dad 

My dad owns a 1970 MGB and recently the two of us have been working on it to get it back into driving condition. It sat for quite a few years and now is getting the love it needs. I hope to someday do a full restore on it but that will be some time from now. Other than the car he has been helping me do some projects to our house such as the wainscoting, painting, and the banisters. I love working with him on anything. We are a lot a like so being around him is like hanging with one of the guys.

4. Colorado


So I have to admit that Colorado looks nothing like this photo right now. Yesterday we received our first decent snow storm so we are in a winter wonderland today. That being said I truly love where I live and feel so lucky to have the mountains so close. I have visited a lot of places and couldn’t call any of them home. I love exploring this state and taking advantage of where we live.

5. My WRX

So it might be a little weird to think one’s car is beautiful but I really love my car. I really enjoy going for drives in it and doing things to it to make it better looking and faster. I had wanted a WRX for a long time and the wide body GR version is by far my favorite. If there are any car people out there you can follow what I do to the car on Instagram @lexthewrx.

Ok so I’m cheating some but here are two more things in my life that I couldn’t leave off the list.

6. My Drums


I have played drums for around 15 years now and love them. I had an amazing middle school music teacher show me how and have been learning and getting better ever since. I truly love music and love what it can do to people and the world. I was given a great gift of having an eclectic music taste and love sharing that with anyone.  

7. Blastoff Branding


Finally is my business. My goal is to grow my small freelance business into an agency of 15 or so designers that does work for large scale clients. I have been working in graphic design for 5 years now and love every minute of it.  I believe that great design can change the world. For more information about Blastoff Branding follow me on Instagram @blastoffbranding or visit


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Giving Light – Kelsey H.

Version 3

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Hi! I’m Kelsey. I’m a dietitian by day and baker by night. I love to create and photograph food, read books I can’t put down, sing whenever I can and do pretty much anything outside. I’m currently living in Okinawa, Japan with my husband and fun-loving dog.
Here are the five things I find beautiful right now and always. Enjoy!
1. Okinawa, Japan
The beauty of this island that I live on never ceases to amaze me. For those of you who need to brush up on your geography, Okinawa sits about 1,000 miles south of mainland Japan and is, therefore, very tropical. On the outside, Okinawa is beautiful because of the numerous white sand beaches overlooking turquoise waters, surrounded by colorful coral reefs with all kinds of tropical fish. The sunsets are phenomenal (as are the sunrises, when I’m awake to see them) and we frequently see rainbows arching across the sky. On the inside, Okinawa is beautiful because of the culture. Okinawa has a rich history with many traditions and holidays, the locals are always so helpful, accommodating and polite and the food is absolutely phenomenal too. We have enjoyed learning and experiencing this beautiful island and will truly miss it when we can no longer call it home.
2. Food
Food is beautiful to me. As a dietitian, it is beautiful because it provides vital nutrients to our bodies. As a chef and baker, it is beautiful because of all the dishes I can create with it. As a food blogger, it is beautiful because of all of the ways it can be described. As a food photographer, it is beautiful because of the many colors, focal points and textures it provides. As a lover of food, it is beautiful because it is exciting, comforting, memorable and, most of all, delicious!
3. Friendships

I’ve been friends for over 10 years with all of these beautiful ladies!


Out of everything on this list, I think friendships are the most beautiful thing. They fill my life with laughter, adventure and love. Even though location, age or just life in general can change, friendships always remain constant. I love that I can pick right back up with my high school and college friends, even though we only see each other one or two times a year. I cherish the friends that I have here in Okinawa because they have become my family, when all of our families are just so far away. Most importantly, I know that any one of my friends, both old and new, would run to my side if I ever needed them, and that, to me, is the most beautiful part of it all.

4. Music
I was listening to Christmas music the other night and I found myself not cooking, like I should have been doing, but standing still and listening to the music. I realized that music is beautiful to me because of the way the harmonies blend and fit together so perfectly. It took me back to all of the music performances I had ever been a part of and the beauty I heard and felt whenever we finally accomplished those harmonized moments. It also made me realize how beautifully music fills in the quiet parts of my day. Whether it’s listening to an upbeat song during a workout or Christmas songs to put me in the holiday spirit, the words, songs and harmonies always lighten my mood. Without music, my life would be a quiet, and less happy, place!
5. Running

My forever running partner.

I have to admit, I don’t always love running. Sometimes it’s boring, a lot of times something in my body hurts and, almost always, my crazy dog is trying to pull me forward or slow me down. So why do I think it’s beautiful? Running is beautiful because it gives me a chance to be outside, which means, while we are living here at least, I get to look at and listen to the ocean. It clears my mind. It makes me realize how powerful my body is and how hard I can push myself. It’s my dog’s favorite thing to do (if only I could snap a picture of his face as we start running) and wears him out, if only just for a little while. Plus, going for a run means I can eat more Christmas cookies!


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