Spray and Wipe


Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash

I made a choice today at 4:45 pm to go to the grocery store. I heard Denver was closing things (don’t know if this is true because I’ve been avoiding the news) and I knew I had to buy groceries for my mom and grandma.

Had to – two strong words. Chose to. Wanted to.

There are plenty of capable people making choices of whether or not to walk into public all day, all over the world. We are scared and unsure and wringing our hands.

I did not HAVE to. I chose too. My fear of running out motivated me out of my home office and into the parking lot. I brought Dylan with me.

Before entering the store, a man about my age stood in front of the carts. Wearing blue gloves and holding a flowing blanket of Clorox-like wipes, he sprayed cart after cart and wiped down other people’s invisible germs.

While we waited for our ominous cart to be cleaned, I got emotional.

I paused and said, “Thank you.”

I waited and hoped he looked me in the eye.

“You matter and what you are doing here is making a big difference. Thank you.”

His eyes dipped down onto the next cart and he started again to spray and wipe. Spray and wipe. I’m guessing he did not choose to be in that role. I’m guessing he has to.

He made the biggest difference in my health all day.

We went into the store. Wandered the aisles and picked a few items that were left on the almost bare shelves.

I brought our selections home and washed my hands. Then, I wiped everything with Clorox wipes.

Then, I sprayed the trunk of my car and wiped down the steering wheel.

Then, I drove twenty miles and delivered another bag of basics to my grandmothers house.

We are all doing the best we can. People deserve to be seen.

Say thank you to the checkers. Say thank you to the people being brave.

Wash your hands. Spray and wipe.

Cry a little.

We’ll get through this with beautiful things.

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