Day 9 – 52 Good Things

How did today go for you? Here are a few good things on people’s minds:

52. A sweet four year old who came up behind me on his bike while I was walking and really needed to explain that he tried to let me know he was behind me but I must not have heard him. Polite and adorable! (submitted by Christine C)

53. Homemade, fresh, hot from the oven, melt in your mouth butter biscuits

54. YOGI tea with these reminders printed on the teabag: Appreciate yourself and honor your soul and live by your inner knowledge and strength

55. I’m a teacher out of school for the rest of this year and I am excited knowing there’s a Zoom meeting tomorrow and I get to see and talk to some of the children from my class.

56. The Overstory by Richard Powers

(53-56 submitted by Suzanne M)

57. Mailing letters to my grandparents with words of hope and love (submitted by Beth U)

As a reminder, send me a note with the good in your world at 52beautifulthings at gmail dot com or a DM on Instagram. Keep em’ comin.

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