Day 16 – 52 Good Things

I’m losing track of days. I think it’s 16 for me. Folks in California are closer to 21. Either way – maybe I’ll just start saying DAY. It’s a day. Another day.

How did today go for you? Here are a few more good things.

95. A Jane Fonda exercise video

96. Jimmy Fallon and the Roots

97. Finally getting around to burning the Christmas tree

98. Chocolate cake

99. Sitting in the sunshine

100. The smell of freshly cut grass

101. The Hallmark channel playing Christmas movies.

102. A brand new baby.

*99 – 102 submitted by Suzanne M

103. Putting on real pants again

What simple, beautiful things did you encounter? Let’s keep this list going for as long as we need to.

As a reminder, send me a note with the good in your world at 52beautifulthings at gmail dot com or a DM on Instagram. Keep em’ comin.

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