Day 21 – 52 Good Things

The list continues. As do the days. I probably won’t be posting every day, but here’s what I’m adding to the list from this weekend.

118. This guy’s parody videos

119. More sourdough

120. Naps in the afternoon

121. Virtual book club

122. Samsonthedood on Instagram (submitted by Katie B)

123. Homemade palms for Palm Sunday and children parading in kitchens

124. This hilarious coronavirus-themed parody of “One day more” from Les Misérables from a family in the U.K. watch it here:

125. How to sew a face mask:

126. New Yorkers applaud health care workers and first responders from home

(124-126 submitted by Suzanne M)

127. Manuals for old sewing machines on YouTube

128. Chocolate chips

129. Homemade stain glass windows made of paint and tape

Send your list of good things in your world right now to me when you can. 52beautifulthings at gmail dot com


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