Nope – That’s a Phrase

“Osh*t is not a word,” says the dad.

“Nope, it’s a phrase,” says the daughter.

“Sh*t is a word,” says the dad.

“Yup, sure is,” says the daughter.

“Here are the definitions,” says the dad as he proudly reads off his iPhone, using his very own dictionary app.

  1. excrement; feces
  2. an act of defecating; evacuation
  3. the sh*ts – diarrhea
  4. Slang. pretense, lies, exaggeration or nonsense
  5. Slang. something inferior or worthless

Dad skips ahead a few

12. Slang. used to express disgust, disappointment, frustration, contempt or the like

12 give a sh*t  – Slang. to care; be concerned

Daughter and mother laugh and laugh.


Playing Scrabble with my parents is a beautiful thing.

Note* – I did not win. My mom always kicks our booties.