Day 24 – 52 Good Things

I’m thinking about changing the title of these posts and stop counting. It doesn’t do much good to note how many days have passed. We are still here and we are resilient.

And scared. And hurting. And grieving. And baking. And FaceTiming. And watching church online. And wondering if it’s worth going out to get an Easter Ham.

Maybe just me on the ham …

All of our experiences are valid. I’m glad your here.

Here are a few more good things happening in the world – let’s continue our count together until it takes as many days as it takes.

130. The Globe Theater in London is letting people screen Hamlet for free

131. Pub cheese and pretzels

132. Orders of fresh flowers being delivered to my door

133. Overflowing jars of sourdough starter

134. Roasted chicken with lemon and homemade gravy

135. Zoom calls with friends from college

Send your list of good things in your world right now to me when you can. 52beautifulthings at gmail dot com