Snow balls

Day 10 – 52 Good Things

How did today go for you?

Here are a few more good things. I can’t wait to see what good you’ve got happening in your homes, on your screens, and in your connections. Even STILL.

As a reminder, send me a note with the good in your world at 52beautifulthings at gmail dot com or a DM on Instagram. Keep em’ comin.

58. Singing Happy Birthday in the Street

59. Video Chats from Living Rooms

60. Soft boiled eggs

61. Having other people in your boat

62. Online Art Therapy

63. Drawing your own boundaries

64. Words of support

65. Watching three year olds throw snow balls from six feet away

66. Which Paul Rudd is older? (submitted by Annie H)

67. Bad Lip Reading (submitted by Annie H)