Day 5 – 52 Good Things

How did today go for you?

Here are a few more good things. I can’t wait to see what good you’ve got happening in your homes, on your screens, and in your connections. Even STILL.

As a reminder, send me a note with the good in your world at 52beautifulthings at gmail dot com or a DM on Instagram. Keep em’ comin.

26. Friends who pray via text message

27. A funny post from a hairdresser who has to close who gave word of caution, “Please do not cut your own bangs.”

28. Blankets of snow

29. Candles in the cozy den – snow falling down

30. This toilet paper commercial

30. And this calming reminder (submitted by Melody S)

31. Call for stories from helpers

Note from Rhiannon Hendrickson: We are compiling a list of things people are doing to help others as a means for inspiration. Not big huge gestures, but the small things – running errands or grocery shopping for a senior, jumping in for a colleague who is trying to manage school closures and kids at home, calling to check up on a friend who is struggling, or letting go of the anxiety of getting work done to sit on the floor and play a game with your family. Here’s the link to respond:

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